Thursday, May 24


Arrival of the OTR Cast, interviews


More videos under the CUT. Including Rob walking the red carpet, interview plus vid inside the theater.

Rob walking the Red Carpet


Rob's Interview

 Translation. Laurent: How are you tonight?
Rob: I'm good, I'm very excited about the movie.
Laurent: Do you think it's important for you to be here, to support Kristen?
Rob: If there's a problem? No there's no problem.
Laurent: No, not a problem. Was it important for you to see the movie and to support her?
Rob: Yeah, I've seen the movie before, it's a good movie and I'm looking forward to see it again, to see everyone. Hopefully they appreciate it.
Laurent: Friday it will be your turn with David Cronenberg movie. Was it like a rehearsal for you tonight?
Rob: Not yet, I wanted to practice walking up the steps.

  youtube via RPLife (Translation) 

Inside the theater. You can see Rob seated in front of the OTR Cast.
 Video ahbeivids mfoc via kstewartnews


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