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Cover Art of Kristen as Marylou for Little White Lies Magazine

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"MISSED" Robert Pattinson Interview Jimmy Kimmel

JIMMY KIMMEL Interview and another Video, Picture and Interview
we missed to catching up, lets see at RPLife 

Sorry we couldn't posting all of Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis Promo we"missed" and we'll starting from this date

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Full interview (3 videos)

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New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Promo Picture

Full scan

Scan | Via


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from ELLE Spain September 2012


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Rob and Cronenberg Answer Fan Questions on Cosmopolis Facebook

Facebook player

ROB at Good Morning America

 (fan videos at the bottom of the post)

HD Video of Rob's Interview

Arriving at ABC Studios

Rob and Cronenberg talk about Cosmopolis and Future Projects with TIME

Eric Packer, the icily charismatic asset manager played by Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, does a great many interesting things in a single, fateful day. In his white stretch limousine, he attempts to traverse Manhattan in gridlock traffic amid violent Occupy-like protests, and all in search of a haircut. He forfeits hundreds of millions of dollars in a suicidal currency-speculation bid. He enjoys afternoon sex with a comely security specialist wearing a body-armor vest with a stun gun on hand. He also has sex with Juliette Binoche. He also endures a weirdly erotic prostate exam while staring into the eyes of a sweaty associate. He gets a pie in the face from a “pastry assassin” who travels with a crew of paparazzi. He is stalked by an actual would-be assassin as well.

So much to talk about! But overshadowing Pattinson’s press tour for Cosmopolis—directed by the great David Cronenberg and adapted from Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel—is the recent tabloid frenzy surrounding his breakup with Twilight costar Kristen Stewart. (The final film in the Twilight franchise is out in November.) TIME sat down with Cronenberg and Pattinson—fresh-faced, sweet, totally affable, smoking an electronic cigarette— in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood the day after the New York City premiere of Cosmopolis. We mostly stayed on topic, if occasionally tiptoeing awkwardly around the heartbroken vampire-elephant in the room.

TIME: Cosmopolis was published in the first year of the war in Iraq, and in a wave of novels that were all described as being “post–Sept. 11” in one way or other, but now the story maps on remarkably well to Occupy Wall Street and other protest movements around the world in 2011. David, at what point did you encounter the book, and when did you know it was a movie?
David Cronenberg: It was about three years ago, and the attraction wasn’t that the novel was prescient or because of its historical place. It was the characters, the dialogue, the intensity, the humor—it’s constantly funny. I wasn’t looking to make any kind of statement. Inevitably, though, if you’re making something with integrity, it will say something about the time it’s being made in. When the novel came out, people were saying, “All this demonstrating-on-Wall-Street stuff isn’t very convincing.” Now it’s obvious.

Robert, DeLillo’s dialogue is hyper-stylized, very formal, and often steeped in theory. How did you approach it?
Robert Pattinson: The first thing I connected to was the humor. Everything else seemed kind of arbitrary. I liked that it was absurd and unrelatable in a lot of ways. I thought that Eric doesn’t understand himself, so that was my angle—play the part as if you don’t understand the part. [Cronenberg laughs merrily] Try to remain lost. I noticed that every single time I came into a scene with an idea or an angle about how to do it, it would feel wrong, and David would know it was wrong. When I was kind of somewhere else, not thinking at all—that was when it felt right.

What’s relatable about Eric might be that his world is so mediated by technology—he experiences the world at a remove, through screens, and so he’s struggling to feel something, whether it’s through sex or shooting a gun or gambling away his fortune. Do you think people can relate to that kind of alienation and wanting something real?
DC: One of the investors in the movie is a genuine French billionaire named Edouard Carmignac. He’s known as the French Warren Buffett. He wanted to be involved with this movie because he said it was absolutely accurate. He knows many people who are like this character, who have created this strange bubble that they live in. Within that bubble, they’re very alive and in control, and yet they’re completely disconnected from normal humanity, normal relationships. So Eric Packer says things to his wife like, “This is how people talk, right?” He’s trying it out, because he really doesn’t know. He’s dealing with billions of dollars, but he’s never actually touching real money and he doesn’t know how to actually pay for things. Of course, Carmignac doesn’t think of himself as that person, but he recognizes it completely. So I take him at his word that it’s not such a stretch. People create a limo for themselves, a little spaceship, a little bell jar in which they insulate themselves from things that hurt.

RP: I think Eric is confused between genuine power and ego. He’s mixing the two up. I think a lot of people in that job find that empathy is a weakness, so he realizes that it’s a strength. I’ve read things that describe Eric as a monster, but I always thought the story was a hopeful progression. His biggest problem is that he’s totally self-obsessed. But he’s taking baby steps toward coming to terms with it. He’s had an extended adolescence in a lot of ways, and he’s really smart—he’s a savant. Some people are so entrenched in what they think they are, and he realizes that the only shock that can snap him out of himself is that someone is going to kill him.

Do you also see Cosmopolis as a story about fame? Eric is in a bubble, people he doesn’t know know him, they spin narratives in their head about him, and—
DC: No, I don’t think so. It’s like the London whale—nobody knows what that guy looks like, nobody knows where he lives. That’s his strength as a trader: nobody can predict him, nobody understands him. I think Eric is like that. On the outside, his limo looks like everyone else’s. He just got this one guy who wants to “pie” him, who’s got the paparazzi with him. But Eric can have dinner and no one’s around, he can go to the diner with his wife and nobody bothers him. He’s got the one security guy but that’s it. He doesn’t have fans.

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New Pictures of Rob in NYC Tonight


New HQ/Untagged Pictures of Rob in NYC Today + Video


Rob to play T.E. Lawrence in Werner Herzog's indie "Queen of the Desert

From Variety

Just days before "Cosmopolis" opens in limited release, star Robert Pattinson has joined the cast of Werner Herzog's indie "Queen of the Desert," which will star Naomi Watts as English writer Gertrude Bell.

Pic will chronicle Bell's life as a writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer and political attache for the British Empire. One of the first women to graduate from Oxford at the turn of the 20th century, she traveled through the Middle East, defining the borders of Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Pattinson is attached to play T.E. Lawrence, a British Army officer whose writing earned him international fame as Lawrence of Arabia, on whom David Lean's classic 1962 epic is based. Lawrence was a good friend to Bell over the years, as the duo helped establish the Hashemite dynasties in Jordan and Iraq.

Cassian Elwes and Nick Raslan (Herzog's "Rescue Dawn") are producing the pic, which is aiming to start production in late fall.

Outside of the "Twilight" franchise that catapulted him to fame, Pattinson has avoided blockbusters to work on challenging indie projects with acclaimed directors. After wrapping Francis Lawrence's adaptation of "Water for Elephants" and the lusty period pic "Bel Ami," Pattinson chose to work with David Cronenberg on "Cosmopolis," which opens Friday. Thesp is set to star opposite Guy Pearce in David Michod's Aussie drama "The Rover," as well as the indie thriller "Mission: Blacklist," which chronicles the hunt for Saddam Hussein.

Pattinson is repped by WME, 3 Arts Entertainment, Curtis Brown Group and attorney Robert Offer.

THR adds "A fall shoot in Jordan and England is being eyed"
Robert Pattinson is attached to play Lawrence of Arabia in Queen of the Desert, Werner Herzog’s biopic of Gertrude Bell.

Naomi Watts is starring as Bell described as the female Lawrence of Arabia for the impact the English woman had in the Middle East and her work in establishing what would become the modern framework for Jordan and Iraq. She was an explorer, writer, archeologist and political attache and during World War I, worked for British Intelligence.

Pattinson will play T.E. Lawrence, the archeologist-turned-British Army officer who played key roles in Middle Eastern revolutions in the same time period and became close friends with Bell. Peter O'Toole portrayed the explorer in the 1962 classic.

Herzog wrote the screenplay. Nick Raslan is producing with Cassian Elwes.

A fall shoot in Jordan and England is being eyed.

The move keeps Pattinson firmly in the world of independent film. One of the world’s most recognizable stars, the actor is this week promoting Cosmopolis, his drama directed by David Cronenberg. He is set to star with Guy Pearce in the post-apocalyptic indie The Rover as well as Mission: Blacklist, an indie thriller about Saddam Hussein’s capture.


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Rob's Interview with Extra TV from the Premiere



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Preview of Rob and David's interview with Showbiz Tonight

Youtube or watch at the source

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New Pictures of Rob Leaving NYSE


ETOnline Interview with Rob from the Premiere + Giamatti, Cronenberg, Sarah and Emily Hampshire talk about Rob

Rob talks about filming in the limo and working with Cronenberg. Paul Giamatti, Cronenberg, Sarah Gadon and Emily Hampshire talk about Rob

Youtube or watch at the source



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Rob talks about working with Cronenberg | David and Sarah talk about working with Rob

Rob talks about working with David, on a smaller movie at 1:01
Cronenberg talks about Rob's intuition and instincts as an actor at 0:48
Sarah Gadon talks about working with Rob at 2:30

The other part of Rob's interview is the same as the AP one



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First Picture of Rob and Cronenberg from the Cosmopolis NYC Junket



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Rob and David Cronenberg Ringing the Opening Bell at NYSE

HQ pictures, fan pictures and videos of Rob and Cronenberg ringing the NYSE opening bell

Official video of Rob and Cronenberg ringing the opening bell (longer video below)

'Cosmopolis' NYC Premiere - Part 2 - More than 245 HQ Pictures

Since our first post with pictures from the Cosmopolis NYC Premiere was too long (more than 250 HQ pictures), here's a part 2.


New Interview with Associated Press - Rob talks sex scenes and his fans



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New Interview with Reuters - Rob talks about Cosmopolis and fans supporting the movie

Youtube or watch it at the source

The 26-year-old actor swiftly walked the red carpet, guided by two publicists who only allowed two questions per reporter. Upon the British native's arrival to the premiere, fans from around the world crowded the sidewalk with just the hope of getting a glimpse of the star. Pattinson joked about how he felt about the self-proclaimed "Rod-ssesed" fans waiting for his arrival. "Fear, absolute terror," he said with a smile. "It's great - I didn't expect it from the first 'Twilight' movie, I never expected my life to be like this and so it's kind of weird to have lasted. And for people to come to movies that I'm really like proud of and I didn't really think anyone's going to see, I mean it's like, it's kind of amazing," he added. In "Cosmopolis" Pattinson plays a ruthless billionaire on a journey to self-destruction, which is a departure from his "Twilight" character, Edward.

Pattinson said the role just sort of fell into his lap. "I read the script about a year before and then I got sent it again - just a straight offer and it's with Cronenberg, so I was like (looks amazed). And the only thing, I was scared to do it I thought I wasn't going to be good enough so like," Pattinson told Reuters. Director David Cronenberg said he had no doubts about Pattinson's ability to adapt into a New Yorker for the film. "Cosmopolis" will premiere in New York and Los Angeles on August 17th and nationwide on August 25th.

Source | Via | Youtube


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Rob talks about New York and Cosmopolis at the Premiere

All pictures from the premiere are in this post (we keep updating with more HQs)

Interview with various media outlets. At 0:43

Thanks veronicaspuffy


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ROB at Daily Show

Rob's interview at 11:20

Rob talks about Cosmopolis with MTV

All pictures from the premiere are in this post (we keep updating with more HQs)

MTV | Dailymotion thanks to @veronicaspuffy


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Rob talks to Access Hollywood about Cosmopolis and his fans' support

All pictures from the premiere are in this post (we keep updating with more HQs)

Youtube thanks to @veronicaspuffy - Access Hollywood player at the bottom of the post

ETA: Video of Paul Giamatti talking about Rob - at 1:20


HQ Pictures - Thanks to Pattinsonlife 

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'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' on the Cover for EW - New Interview and Stills

iPad scans of the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' article in the new Entertainment Weekly - New stills and new interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor from Comic Con 

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' stills (cropped)

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Bid on Rob’s Artwork On Auction For 'Home Plate Project'

Rob’s Artwork On Auction For ‘Home Plate Project‘

Rob’s Artwork On Auction For ‘Home Plate Project‘

Rob’s drawing on pencil is named ‘Unfinished City’.

Click HERE to bid on the artwork. Bidding ends August 31st!

More about Rob's involvemnent

- Rob drew the artwork by pencil on a real, wooden, home plate. The plate was painted white and you can see the smudge marks by Rob from the pencil. 
- Rob drew the artwork about 6 weeks ago. 
- Rob's assistant, Jeff, knows one of the team members and asked Rob to participate. Rob was excited to do so. 
- The home plate by Rob also comes with an autographed photo that Rob gave to help with legitimacy. 

Learn more about the Home Plate Project HERE and follow @HomePlateProjec

Info via | via


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And Even More From Rob's Interview With Alicia Malone From Cannes


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German Golden-Otto-Wahl 2012 Awards "ROBSTEN"

    click for the full size

The scans are from German BRAVO issue №31 which was out on 25th July.


Gold for the Twilight dream couple
For the second time the mega award given by the BRAVO readers goes to Rob and Kristen!
Text: Andreas Renner

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make a strong couple not only in The Twilight Saga movies. While they fight against mean vampires on screen, in real life they also make all the opponents look pale before them: both stars hold a BRAVO-Otto in the categories Best Actor and Best Actress for a second time. “I clearly remember this trophy, but at this moment, it seems like I received it for the first time”, rejoices the 26-year-old. “It was in Munich and there were many many fans there.” Unfortunately, today the readers can’t be here like me, the BRAVO reporter, and present him with his second award in Four Seasons Hotel (450€ per night) in Los Angeles, California. I immediately notice that his gratification can’t be overplayed. Rob’s beaming with joy and holding the little golden Indian tight to his chest. “When you receive an award that the fans have voted for, this is the best.”, he says happily. Then he spots that there is one more Gold-Otto on the table. “Who’s got this then?”, asks he surprised. Rob doesn’t know that his girlfriend and leading lady has been chosen for actress of the year yet…When he reads the inscription on the trophy “Golden Otto Winner Kristen Stewart”, he is flabbergasted: “Wow! Kristen has also won? This is so cool! She will be very happy!”. He’s right! Only a few minutes later I surprise her with the award. The dainty yet shy girl becomes radiant with joy as she as I give her the Golden Otto: “It’s pretty heavy!”. Then Kris suddenly goes sentimental: “Please, tell my fans in Germany that I’m so damn proud with this award. It means a lot to me, that’s why we worked so hard on the set!”. The 22-year-old has prepared another surprise: ”We’re surely going to come in Germany again this fall for the premiere of the last part of Breaking Dawn.” This is excellent news –we must be patient till November comes, but it’s so far away…

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Breaking Dawn part 2 stills "EW" + Bill Condon talk "Perview interview"


It’s been — let’s just say —an eventful couple of weeks for Team Twilight. Bella and Edward may find eternal, immortal bliss in Breaking Dawn — Part 2 (out Nov. 16), but costars and (only recently confirmed) couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are having a much harder time since incriminating photographs of Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, surfaced late last month. “The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that,” Bill Condon tells EW. “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon. Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”

But beyond the intense media and public scrutiny into these young actors’ private lives, the turn of events also creates a real challenge for Summit, the studio releasing the film, as it gears up to promote the final installment. In other words: what happens during an international press tour and red carpet premiere when the two top-billed stars may or may not be speaking to each other? Nancy Kirkpatrick, the company’s head of worldwide marketing, tells EW, “While it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead.”

In more innocent times (read: a month ago), the Twilight stars sat down for a roundtable interview and talked about the film, the ending of the series, and what they’ve learned from the Twilight experience. Pattinson marvels at Edward’s unflappable ability to stay rational. “It’s strange,” he says with a laugh. “All through the series it’s like, ‘Hey , this guy is trying to be sensible! Let’s think this thing out.’ And everyone is like ‘F— you’”.

Stewart presses him, curious to know what he learned from playing the role. ”Don’t be pragmatic. Be an emotional idiot.”

Of course Breaking Dawn—Part 2 is just one of the season’s anticipated films. Our annual Fall Movie Preview delves into 97 more.

EW Bigger Cover


Extented Rob's Interview from Cannes with Alicia Malone

Part 1 and 2 were posted here and here. All the answers are new, except for the part where Rob's talking about David's directing which is much longer.


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ROB will be on Today show on august 13

According to Gossip Cop:

Robert Pattinson will appear on “The Daily Show” on Monday, August 13, Gossip Cop has learned.

He’ll then be seen next on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America.”


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ROB to be Interview on Good Morning America on August 15th

still don't know this is  be a taped interview from the junket, the day before, or if it will be live.

according to RPLife


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NEW BELLA and REENESME stills BD part 2 "EW"

Via epnebelle


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Kristen Stewart Joins "Lie Down in the Darkness"

Kristen Stewart

UPDATED: Scott Cooper ("Crazy Heart") wrote the script and is attached to direct what is described as a Dickensian and Dostoyevsky-like heavy drama.

Kristen Stewart is attached to Lie Down in Darkness, Open Road Media’s planned adaptation of a 1951 William Styronnovel, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmes Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) wrote the script and is attached to direct what is described as a Dickensian and Dostoyevsky-like heavy drama that charts the rise of a Southern family. The family includes Milton Loftis, a drunken patriarch who lusts after one of his two daughters, a frigid mother and the aforementioned daughters -- one beautiful, the other a cripple.
Stewart would play Peyton, the tragic beauty.
The Twilight star's involvement is only an attachment at this point because the project is not financed and has no start date. Sources say financing likely will hinge on the casting of the male lead. Oscar winner Colin Firth was attached to the part at one point, but that is no longer the case, according to sources.
Stewart is coming off of Snow White & the Huntsman, which was a modest hit for Universal this summer. While the studio has hired David Koepp to write a sequel, it's unclear if that movie would happen before or after Lie Down, should it get financing. Stewart next will be seen in November's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II, the final installment of the mega-grossing vampire franchise. She also has On the Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel, which premiered at Cannes in May but does not have a set release date in the U.S.
UPDATE: A source close to the project cautions that the development is at an early stage. "While its exciting to see all the interest the project is generating, the film is still in the pre-production process and no offers to cast have been made as of yet," says the source.
Vulture first reported Stewart's involvement with the project.
Twitter: @Borys_Kit

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Via Kstewartfans

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Updated Info on the TimesTalks Q&A with Rob and David Cronenberg on August 15th

The New York Times sent an update earlier today to those attending the TimesTalks Q&A with Rob and David Cronenberg on August 15th

Dear Friend of The New York Times:

Thank you for purchasing a ticket(s) to the August 15 TimesTalks with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson. At this time, we would like to remind you of our standard event policies:

Camping outside the venue overnight is not permitted. The area outside The TimesCenter is private property and building security will remove anyone who remains overnight on the property.
The doors to the lobby of The TimesCenter will open early for this event, at 4pm, and patrons may queue up at this time. We encourage you to arrive no earlier than 4pm.
Doors to the theater will open at 6pm. Only ticketed patrons will have access to the lobby and theater of The TimesCenter.
Any photography, video and/or audio recording are strictly prohibited in the theater. Violators may be subject to removal.
- This event is being filmed and Webcast live on Video of the event will be available on demand, also at
We will not have a live audience Q&A for this event.

We are, however, accepting questions in advance. Our moderator will choose a select number of these questions to read to Mr. Cronenberg and Mr. Pattinson during the interview. If you wish to submit a question for consideration, please email and please include your name and location.

Thanks to The Pattinson Profile

MORE HQ Picture ROBERT PATTINSON Cosmopolis Promo shoot