Wednesday, May 30


The show will air tonight at 11PM ET. Video will be posted as soon as its available on line.

Spoilery tweets from @clairrieee
Sam to Kristen: she’s more of a ninja than I am!Omg Kristen was amazed about josh’s earpiece or something. Couldn’t really hear it but LOL Charlize asked what was the kiss like steepen Kristen and sam. Josh asks Kristen and syma first love and Kristen says noooo way!SAMs first love is a bunny named katie. Kristen doesn’t wanna say her first love. Kristensdavorite word to say in a British accent at be something inappropriate that she won’t say lol SAMs favorite word in American is aluminum. Kjosh asking about Kristen learning French and rs her favorite thing. Says she QUIT SMOKING. Asking them about fifty shades. Josh asking about cosmopolis. Kristen said it was SOOOO GOOD and doesn’t know how he did it. She has the BIGGEST smile on her face. Kristen has not seen BD2. Josh asking what Kristen is cooking. Time was running out and josh didn’t ask about best kiss.

and    @runflippyrun Sam and Kristen got the fifty shades trilogy as gifts. Kristen says Cosmo was good but didn't understand it. Crowd awwes. Kristen covered her face when people were cheering for her liking Cosmo. Kristen looked away when they showed the pic of vamp Bella Kristen took 50 with her as she left shot herself in the head.

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