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kstewartfans Kristen is wearing Marchesa.

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Inside the Theater

Fan Pics via @SnowWhite /kstewartnews


 @patsystew is at the Premiere and she just  texted 3cheers4tyranny and confirmed that Rob was spotted at Empire Cinema. "OMFG @patsystew JUST SAW ROB AT EMPIRE. HE'S WEARING A CAP"

 RT @joshuahorowitz: SWATH carpet is done! I'm skipping the flick but will hit the party later. Kristen told me Rob's seen the film.

She change her heels :D

RT @RespectKStewx: He [Brian Gleeson] said that working with Kristen & Chris was amazing but he felt like a fish out of water surrounded by nick frost ect
RT @RespectKStewx: The movie was meant to have started lol
RT @RespectKStewx: We get to be taken in last so we can wait for Kristen and that to go past!!!
RT @RespectKStewx: Sam just said hi to us
RT @RespectKStewx: Kristen's about to be interviewed
RT @RespectKStewx: Rupert told us we're too young to be running a site haha
RT @RespectKStewx: Ruth said no photos
RT @RespectKStewx: Kristen
RT @RespectKStewx: Everyone introducing the movie!
RT @RespectKStewx: Kristen took her shoes off ad waved them at the audience in pride haha

RT @Alice_InTwiLand: RT @taryder: Kristen told me she and Rob had a great time celebrating his bday
RT @SnowWhite: Kristen on Chris "He's a cry baby" #swathpremiere
RT @GlamourMagUK: Kristen: 'I love to say hi to my fans, I really enjoy it.' On #SWATH 'Most if the time I was freezing my butt off or pulling a muscle'
RT @TaraSwennen: How fearless is Kristen Stewart in her head to toe skelatal Marchesa gown?!


source: @RespectKStewx | @Alice_InTwiLand | @taryder | @kstewITA | @fiercebitchstew | fanoudusud 
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