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FashionCourt Kristen wore a pair of charcoal grey slim fit “Twisted Trousers” by Vivienne Westwood,   Fall 2010 sleeveless button-down white top by designer Marios Schwab.  Christian Louboutin “Bis Un Bout” fluro yellow pumps with sexy clear PVC elements on the sides. Kristen accessorized with a neon and gold BaubleBar ID bracelet and a Anita Ko gold bracelet. Details here 

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@HolyKristen Kristen quotes.  "I wanted to impress her the entire time. I looked up to her my entire life." - Kristen on Charlize . "I was very excited to learn all of the sword fighting."  "All of my action is motivated by fear."  "Charlize blows your hair back when she walks in the room. I always want to be near her. She's really fun. I've looked up to her my entire life"
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Kristen: @SnowWhite celebrates life and  the dark parts are only as scary as you image it 
Kristen was asked if she has tried Mexican food, responded she grew up in LA lol 
Asked why she didn’t stop for fans last night- Kristen said “I think the fans get it..when we came in there were police everywhere.. I don’t choose my way through airports…” 

Kristen: The movie really humanizes the characters. I get to share this really addictive challenging energy with people. ”I am not playing the super hero, I hurt myself so badly” 

Kristen on Cannes- ”To celebrate there with those people, amazing…I’m a nervous person” 
Kristen said Sam looks very “strapping and intimidating in armor” but on set in real life, he looked like a turtle 

 Speaking Spanish- Sam: Cómo estás Kristen? (How are you Kristen?) Muy bien (very well) Sam: Te quiero (I love you) Tequila, taco. Kristen: Que bien (cool) Muchas gracias (thank you so much) <- with spanish accent. Talking about easily being able to talk in Spanish and how other languages are really hard to speak in for her! 

@universalmx Kristen says she wants to work with Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu in Mezico Kristen says that the scene that really stayed with her and was remarkable was the last one, she had to prepare the most for it. Snow's speech.

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