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PurePeople Google Translation. It is no secret that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson does not like small talk. But that does not stop them from partying! Friday, May 25 evening, they began their evening both by complying with the inevitable red carpet for the film Cosmopolis of David Cronenberg , the casting which is Robert. The actor arrived with the rest of the film crew, followed minutes later by Kristen dressed in a gorgeous red dress neckline .

After the screening, the couple went quickly at the official dinner organized around the film on the beach of the Carlton Cinema Club. Present were members of the cast and crew Cosmopolis, namely the director Cronenberg, Juliette Binoche, Emily Hampshire and Sarah Gadon but also other stars like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Patrick Bruel . But once these bonds use completed, Twilight lovers  returned directly to their hotel the Majestic. Kristen has swapped her red dress to jeans and sneakers and went with her boyfriend and some friends at Le Club by Albane even before the opening of the premises.

Announcing their arrival they intend to spend the whole evening there, they took place at the end of the terrace for not leaving till daybreak. Rid of the formalities of protocol, Robert and Kristen spent the evening laughing and dancing and especially kissing madly. Yesterday, we saw them at Club Silencio, and Thursday night at Baron , a decidedly festive journey Cannes for the young couple was believed more erased. Preferring private parties to public appearances, Kristen will follow Robert, who had already tasted the nights in Cannes two years ago, to party away from the objectives of photographers, but have fun anyway.

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