Thursday, February 23


Rob's interview with TodayOnLine was posted here

00:00 Was it easy to play pregnant Bella?
00:42 Was this a darker film? Were you comfortable as Bella in this movie?
2:22  Was Bella scared of marrying Edward?
3:07 Were you nervous doing the honeymoon scenes?
3:58 So was the honeymoon scene or the pregnancy worse.  Talks about Bill Condon
5:08 How did you celebrate filming the last movie?
6:16 Are you a better actress now?
7:10 Will life as a vampire be different for Bella?
7:49 What kind of connection has Jacob with Bella? At 8:45, she mentions Rob "In fact, it almost pisses off Rob how much I love Tay..err Jacob and Bella"
8:55 There was a strong connection in the final scene with Jacob and Bella.
9:10 What part of Bella do you relate to the most
9:36 Are you personally fascinated with vampires
10:10 Have you considered moving into producing films? Mentions 'Snow White and the Huntsman'
11:21 What was it like being part of the movie adaptation of 'On The Road'
12:56 Any interesting anecdotes about your costars? Talks about Taylor

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