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PressDay Updates - January 26th
Update 2! CarlosCastilloFacebookSo I got to work today on a set where the Thor dude, Chris Helms (can't remember his last name), Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Series, and Charlize Theron were shooting an MTV promo for Snow White and the Huntsman Thanks to my nephew Bryan Campos for the hookup. Kirsten is short, cute, tiny. Good skin. Thor is a tall, in shape (lean) blond dude.  CHARLIZE just straight REPRESENTING IN EVERY WAY...she deserves ALL THE BIG BUCKS. Sweet, gorgeous, funny, TALL...CUTE TOES...She's just on another level.
Kristen is super cute though...not in the Betty Boop kind of the short girl, long hair, leather brown shorts with heels, gothic type of way...alabaster skin...tresses of auburn locks.. via Alice_inTwilandKristen215.

@theseanmac: "#SWATH 'Uncensored' cast intvw special will be on Cinemax in a few months though will try [to post] BTS pic of cast shoot soon."

Update! From @joshuahorowitz "For those asking about SWATH, bad news: you'll have to wait a while to see it (not my choice!). Good news? You will NOT be disappointed." Going to see if I can at least share a SWATH cast pic soon to tide you Kristen fans over. Will do my best. All I can say...for now.
@samclaflin Good meeting you today! That was a wild interview. Give Charlize a long inappropriate hug for me.

And Since its press day today. Here's one more to look forward to.

theseanmac "Moments before meeting kristen stewart and charlize theron for @cinemax

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